Roofing Installation and Repair

in Western / Northern Michigan

Our same company standards hold true in roofing, as they exist in siding and gutter. We are not your normal roofing contractor. We don't believe in having a "rag tag" group of guys on your property. We strive to have professional, non-smoking, fully clothed, and non-cursing individuals. Our crews come with our guaranteed satisfaction and a clean yard/house when done.

We have chosen to partner with GAF as our shingle manufacturer. This was an easy choice for us with one of the most difficult years in history, and GAF being the lone shingle manufacturer that could keep up with supply and demand. On top of that, They are a family owned, and American owned company. Their nearest production plant is just at the Michigan/Indiana border. Their warranties top the shingle world (and they actually warranty our work!). Their shingle isn't held together with simply sealant, its actually welded together! Which means the wind rating is 70 mph better than the next closest competitor! Its a 200 mph wind rating! We love the American Harvest line as it has a Lifetime 50 year warranty, and 25 year algae resistant warranty, where the nearest competitor has just 15 years! Lastly, the nail zone on a GAF shingle is nearly twice the size of all other manufacturers, ensuring that 200 mph wind warranty!


We believe in pairing GAF shingles with GAF underlayments to guarantee warranty claims, but not just the least expensive, we use the best underlayments that are 100% waterproof, but stil lbreathable (just like GORE-TEX). We also cap nail all of these products down, rather than slap staple. This is a minor detail that many crews skip for costs savings, but it actually voids the underlayment warranty.

We also offer steel roofs, and incidental flat roof work (a section on an entire shingle or steel roof we are doing).