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Superior Exteriors is the top choice for Western Michigan homeowners needing affordable gutter cleaning, gutter installation, gutter repair, roofing, or siding installation. We service the Western Michigan area from Grand Rapids to Traverse City and Ludington to Baldwin.

We’re the co-owners, Colin and Megan DeHaan and we’re a husband and wife team who started Superior Exteriors in 2016, after a realization that there was a need for quality service with integrity and professionalism within the Western and Northern Michigan areas.

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We realize that as a homeowner you want your home to look as nice as possible, but may not have the experience or tools required to get the job done. You’re very busy and it’s just too much stress and hassle to take care of many of the homecare issues around your home. Taking care of your home can also be completely time consuming. Not to mention, many of the services that we provide can be dangerous if not done correctly. We’re here to provide the gutter, roofing, and siding solutions you need with courtesy and professionalism.

Every customer is extremely valuable to us and we hope you feel important from the moment you click below to contact us for a consultation.

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We pride ourselves on providing our customers with satisfaction and a great customer experience. We will work hard to make sure your installation or repairs are met with dedicated hard work.

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Your home’s exterior is an important part of your home. With it providing protection from dirt and other contaminants, your home takes a beating throughout the year from seasonal weather and age. Putting trust in a professional to update the installation on your home is a big responsibility, but once you make the decision to do so, you will be glad that you took the step to make your home look better. With new installation, you are telling your family and friends that you care about your investment and about the visual beauty of it. So, let our Superior Exteriors professionals come out and install your new installation.


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Instead of attempting to try to install your own siding or repair your own roof, let one of our professionals come in and help with getting your home perfect again. If you decide to go at installing your own siding or roof, you risk the chance of possibly injuring yourself or having to give a whole weekend just to get it done. However, we at Superior Exteriors are devoted to making sure your installation repairs come out perfect and making sure that you are not risking having an injury if your siding is installed wrong. We will continue to be your best installation service providers and bring you perfect satisfaction for all of your home projects.

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